Lichen Leggings - Skinny Sweats - 1
Lichen Leggings - Skinny Sweats - 1
Lichen Leggings - Skinny Sweats - 2
Lichen Leggings - Skinny Sweats - 3
Lichen Leggings - Skinny Sweats - 4

Lichen Leggings

These stunning lichen leggings were designed from a photo taken on the rocky shores of Lake Superior near Thunder Bay, Ontario. Lichen is a type of vegetation that grows all over the planet and can exist in the most extreme conditions- from the frozen tundra in the Arctic to the driest deserts. It is estimated that 6% of the Earth's surface is covered in lichen. It grows in an array of colours, and some types can be used to dye textiles. It is primary in the winter diet of the tundra caribou and it's age in northern Canada is calculated by a growth of 0.1 mm per year. Some have been dated by their size to 10 000 years old. Magic stuff! These leggings are very beautiful in person.  

Fabric is high quality and density polyester/spandex jersey; a  performance fabric that breathes well and has a firm stretch. Never see-thru.  Wear them for fashion, wear them for sport. Print has been applied by sublimation.

• 88% Polyester / 12% Spandex.
• Model is 5'10" tall with a 26.5" waist, 37" hips and 32" inseam. She is wearing a size small.

Choose your size according to your actual hip measurement. Measure around the widest part of your butt, best measured while standing profile in a mirror. 

XS- 33" - 35"
S- 36" - 38"
M- 39" - 41"
L- 42" -  44"
XL- 45" - 47"