This is not a brand of sweats that will make you skinny. Nor is it a brand of clothes for skinny people. It's a brand of creative loungewear that started with one style of skinny sweat pants.

The label is named after the Basic Skinny Sweats, the one and only product in the beginning.  Skinny Sweats as a brand has evolved slowly over the past few years to include everything you see here now. This is Slow Fashion- and this means many things to us. In our case, slow fashion does not equate to minimalism. 


Part of the Skinnysweats slow fashion philosophy involves taking the time to ensure that we are selling a quality product that will live in a wardrobe for more than a season.  We make manufacturing choices like making our fabric with a mill in Toronto, pre shrinking the fabric before cutting, and doing garment dye so we can choose our own unique colour stories.

We also make garments that involve a lot of work (literally slow) Using techniques like pinning and sewing words in ribbon, and printing garments by hand, one appliqué at a time.

Being a small brand run by a hands on maker, we are almost always able to find a way to say yes when a customer requests a custom variation  


Slow fashion is also about being slow to change and evolve, choosing quality over quantity, and (as a consumer) purchasing garments that appeal to an individual style ethos. Spend more on a beautiful well made thing that you will have in your wardrobe for years. Trends are cool! Love trends!! But also, be not afraid to wear the same style for years if you love that thing. It's the opposite of fast fashion. 

Our kick ass Toronto supply chain is awesome because we are able to control so many aspects that go into manufacturing our garments. Most of our creative loungewear styles are made in Toronto from fabric to finishing.

Many of our styles are made to order in house. Like, we make it for you, when you order it. Working with four local manufacturers, one fabric mill, one dye house, and one fabric printer means there is always something going on. And the small run supply chain developed in Toronto over the past few years is quick when it needs to be, and always mighty. 

As a brand, Skinnysweats is committed to producing the best creative loungewear possible. The work, and the process, is the art. 

Skinny Sweats is designed and managed by Adrienne Butikofer. Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba she’s been passionately designing and selling her work in Toronto for over a decade. She started producing fashion forward casual clothing after the birth of her two daughters and hasn’t looked back.