WOW MOM Flash Sale


Hey! It's me Adrienne, designer of Skinnysweats- and Mom of two girls, ages five and seven. I started working on Skinnysweats as a brand when my youngest was less than a year old, and the designs I've made over the past few years have in a lot of ways been a reflection of my self-employed young Mom lifestyle. I've never owned a pair of black yoga pants- not for me! But admittedly a woman does need something like this in her life. Basic Skinny Sweats are my go-to, I love em. The outfit above is pretty much my style in a nutshell, running around the Junction neighbourhood in Toronto with my kids.

I have put together a collection of everyday basics for the WOW MOM flash sale that have been my staples over the past few years, plus a few extras that I love. Most of these pieces are custom made to order by me in my studio. They are not hugely discounted, but if you look around the site you might find an additional coupon code somewhere . . . 

In the sale you'll find:

Bamboo Basic Skinny Sweats- New fabrication for 2016 in Black or Grey

Oversized Sweatshirt- Made to Order in five colors and multiple size and length options. Looks great with the Basic Skinny Sweats!

Custom Winnipeg Cut Sweatshirts- Black, Grey, or Forest Green- with pockets or without. This one is flattering on everyone due to the tailored shoulder and armhole! Seriously! Also looks great with the Basic Skinny Sweats. 

CUTE TOP tee- wear it when you want to look extra special. Super dressy.

SWAMPED tee- because umm. Life is really busy.  

Stega Top- One of my personal faves. It's my dream that more women will someday understand the feeling of raw dinosaur power. 

High Waist Leggings- Never mind Mom jeans. These are Mom Leggings and I looove them. Black, Grey, or Navy. 

There's more! I just created a permanent Clearance section where everything is priced at $25, $35, $45, or $55! These are the last sizes of past dye lots, and a few styles that are simply being discontinued. 

Find the deals in the 5-4-3-2 Clearance Section. Don't miss out! Many styles have an inventory count of just one. 



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